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Indoor Farming: Feeding the Urban Masses from DARK RYE’s Future Issue

While “hydroponic gardening” means only one thing to most people (the cultivation of marijuana plants, for those not familiar with Showtime’s Weeds), there are in fact far wider consumer implications for the technology. 

While the iconic image of the hardworking farmer is one held dear even in contemporary American culture, the pitfalls of traditional farming are many: The crops are easily wiped out by weather, and farming often causes environmental degradation that can take years to reverse. Most farms are also rural and require diesel-powered trucks—no friend to clean air—to lug their wares to cities where most consumers dwell. 

As hydroponics has become widely available, it has increasingly been used in high-tech greenhouses. Greenhouses use less water than their outdoor counterparts and are immune to weather. When taken together, these technologies make large-scale urban food production a very real possibility. Enter the vertical farm… (read more)


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    Indoor Farming: Feeding the Urban Masses from DARK RYE’s Future Issue While “hydroponic gardening” means only one thing...
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    " In the last three years, vertical farms, mostly employing hydroponics, have sprung up on large, flat rooftops in many...
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