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How To Dance Like Gord Downie from CBC Music

If you’ve ever been to a Tragically Hip concert, then I don’t need to tell you about the dancing prowess of the Kingston band’s frontman, Gord Downie. The singer commands the stage with such aplomb that his improvised antics are a major part of the show, completely transfixing the audience.

So, in celebration of the man and all his dance-like-no-one-is-watching epicness, we present our guide on how to dance like Gord Downie, illustrated by CBC Music’s Markus Wreland.

If you’re curious, a majority of the moves in our illustrated guide come from this video, which is compiled from just one 2009 performance in Kitchener, Ont. One performance and yet it yields, easily, 100 or more separate dance moves; such is the spontaneous genius of one of the most captivating frontmen in Canadian music.


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